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Engineering a full-custom Application-Specific Integrated Circuit is an ordeal of detail but distinguishes your products from your competitors'. A custom design protects you from knockoffs, and reduces your product's Bill of Materials, footprint and power. It also allows you to add features and performance and do things you otherwise couldn't. Focus on your system and let Kapik handle the details.


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Smart Analog = Smart Business Decision

Are you burning worst-case power under normal environmental conditions? Smart biasing can boost battery life by 10x or more. Using large devices for matching? Smart calibration makes them robust, light and fast. Need to port a design several times? Smart digital trim makes for a robust design that doesn't need to be tweaked.


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Custom Approach to Your Project

Kapik is flexible. We work with our clients at the level that suits them, on large or small, complex or simple projects. Let us create the fast, low-power smart analog/mixed signal design you need.




Take product innovation to a new frontier with smart analog design