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Need a circuit block designed? A subsystem? A full chip? Or a multi-chip system? We can do as much or as little as you’d like. We’re able to work with fairly minimal direction but are strong believers in regular communication with customers during projects. We offer flexible licensing models and options for handling intellectual property. And when the market changes mid-development and you have to modify the spec, we'll work with you like engineers, not lawyers.


We can provide answers to problems others can’t solve. We only do what we do best: high-quality smart analog and mixed signal design.




Through the lifecycle of the project, we work with you like we're part of your team – our approach ensures that you're always up-to-date on the project so we can together see and address any problems early. Once we've completed the design work, you have access to the designs that you’ve commissioned to use as you see fit.


Being an independent, self-funded business means that we don't have any underlying business relationships that drive the technologies we use or colour our approach to your business. We are objective and focused on your business goals, not a parent company’s agenda.


our history

Kapik Integration was founded in 2008 by Martin Snelgrove, Raymond Chik, Rob McKenzie and Imran Ahmed.

Since then, we’ve grown by delivering reliable, leading-edge intellectual property (IP) and full-chip design services to customers around the world. We’ve worked with customers in a variety of verticals, including consumer, automotive, telecommunications, medical and power. Today, we are one of the largest independent companies in the world focused on designing premium smart analog and mixed signal technologies.

Kapik has grown organically from its revenues and remains almost entirely employee-owned. As a result, we've been able to stay focused on high-quality, customer-focused engineering. It's something our customers, partners and employees all like.


our team


Kapik's customers are under pressure to deliver exceptional products and user experiences. We help them achieve these goals with a diverse team that likes thinking beyond traditional boundaries and pushing technological limits.

We run parallel project teams led by globally renowned subject-matter experts with 20-odd full-time staff. Our team strikes the right balance of worldly know-how and youthful vim – approximately 20% are seasoned veterans and 80% are junior to mid-career engineers. The majority of our staff has post-graduate degrees and almost half have PhDs. Together, we’ve produced more than 250 publications and have numerous patents and patents pending.

Kapik's emphasis on internal knowledge sharing ensures that we deliver quality designs consistently. Our multi-disciplinary backgrounds and networks to expert consultants and leading research institutions helps us breathe innovative, multi-dimensional thinking into our projects.



executive team and board


working at kapik

Work at Kapik embodies the best qualities of life at a startup and a mature company. Thanks to our industry credibility and growing customer base, we're able to offer the competitive salaries, benefits and the stability that larger companies offer. But we also offer the excitement that you get at smaller organizations and startups.

  • You make a difference: While we're growing, we're still small enough so that everyone has the opportunity to influence decision-making, gain exposure to senior management and is able to enjoy a variety of work. You aren't a cog in the machine here.
  • Smart, fun people: We hire the best and the brightest – people who are passionate and knowledgeable about their work, like bouncing ideas around, indulge in quirky humour and think across disciplines. Check out our contribution to the art world.
  • Mentoring opportunities: Learn from our world-class senior staff who take education and development seriously and will give you a chance to stretch yourself on exciting projects.
  • Funky offices: Our open-concept main office is located one of the coolest parts of downtown Toronto – the most diverse city in the world and one of the best places to live, according to The Economist. Our equally funky "Berlin" office is conveniently located near the University of Waterloo in downtown Kitchener.

For current opportunities, visit our LinkedIn page.

In an electrical engineering program and interested in doing a co-op placement or an internship? We'd love to hear from you. Contact us at hr@… with your details.



our partners


Kapik chooses its partners with care. We work with like-minded organizations that share our commitment to technological innovation, quality and reciprocity. By focusing on our individual areas of strength, we assist our partners in meeting their business goals and they help us meet ours. Our current partners include:



Xtreme EDA

Kapik works with XtremeEDA for rigorous digital verification and design.


Sankalp semiconductor

Kapik draws on Sankalp for its strong physical design and layout expertise.



Kapik relies on Alchip for its high-quality chip finishing and production skills.



Interested in partnering with Kapik? Drop us a line and let us know why you think we'd be a good match.