Today governments, businesses, and consumers are increasingly attuned to the importance of energy efficiency and clean energy sources to support a sustainable environment. Energy efficiency also makes business sense, enabling businesses to do more with less. As a result, smart energy is becoming a growing business area for companies at the power system, business and consumer level.

Smart analog can boost battery life by 10x or more. Kapik has a well-established track record in delivering power management systems and sensors and low-power ASICs that support smart energy. We recognize that components and systems must be reliable, accurate, low power and low cost. Our experience in designing technologies that meet a variety of target specifications across industry verticals, is particularly helpful to smart energy customers – since the devices to support business goals vary widely depending on the user and the application.

Our Skills & Experience:
Kapik has experience in designing smart analog and mixed signal ASICs that support smart energy. Read case studies relating to Kapik’s work in driving down power consumption.

  • Multi-touch panel controller
  • Battery charge monitor
  • High performance audio
  • Integrated GaN cascade
  • MEMS motion sensor controller
  • Ferroelectric memory
  • USB Switch

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